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From Ali:

As I get ready to release new music for the first time in 5 years, I can’t help but reflect on how much I’ve changed since my last projects were released. I recorded my first CD when I was 18 years old and still very new to the process. I was easily intimidated, insecure, and unsure of myself. Luckily, I was working with an incredibly patient and understanding producer (Jimmy Heffernan) who saw potential in me and became a mentor, giving me insight into all things music industry.

I released my next project at age 21, and while I was more confident in my ability than I had been for the first CD, I was still wrestling with self-doubt and deep seeded personal and musical insecurities. My producer for this project (Glenn Barratt) was also incredibly encouraging and supportive, and made me feel confident in the final product.

But since then and now, my road to a new release has not been smooth. Although there were extreme highs (like the out of body experience of singing on stage with Peter Yarrow), they were matched by extreme lows (like expending time, energy, money, and a hell of a lot of hope into projects that fell through). At my lowest point, my confidence was gone, my purpose shaken, and my fears exasperated. I no longer knew who I was, musically speaking. So, I did what I had to do: I took the personal time I needed to figure it out.

I realized that I had been extremely timid and hesitant in the recording process for both of my previous projects. I allowed other people to “steer the ship” because I doubted myself and my own ideas so much. So, I devoted time to improving in the areas I was most insecure about. As my confidence grew, I decided that If I ever were to record again, I would not have a producer. I didn’t want to ride shotgun in the recording process anymore; I wanted to drive.

I ended up finding the perfect studio by chance: I was hired by the county I live in to host a few music events, and they hired an audio engineer (Matt Weber) to run sound. Weber mentioned he worked at a studio, and he seemed professional and nice enough, so I looked into it. I was not ready to go through the recording process only to end up disappointed again, so my anxiety and apprehension were high, but after a lot of deliberation and a plethora of pros and cons lists, I booked my first session. I was originally planning to record just a 3 song demo; However, the experience was so great that I changed my mind: I first extended the 3 song demo to a 6 song EP, and then finally decided to make it a 10 song full length album.

This project is who I am. I wrote the songs, chose which ones to include, chose which musicians played on them, and chose the sonic direction for each track. The CD is me: how I think; how I feel; how I interpret the world. And I am so incredibly proud of it.

Because of how special this CD is to me, and because I feel it’s the most reflective of who I am as an artist and a songwriter, I decided I no longer want to sell my old projects on iTunes. However, I am still very proud of those first two releases, so they remain available for streaming/download on bandcamp (links below), along with my spiritual songs.

I will always appreciate those chapters in my life, but I am so ready to begin a new one. And I’m so happy to have you join me.  



Yours in music,



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